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Like other medical specialists, Dr. Allanach is only seen on referral by another physician. This is a standard requirement for all patients who seek orthopaedic diagnosis, treatment or surgery.

Dr. Allanach reviews all referrals and prioritizes them according to appropriate levels of urgency. It is important to make sure all appropriate patient information and imaging are provided with the referral.

Dr. Allanach’s referral process is as follows:

  • the patient referral is received at the office by fax or mail;
  • Dr. Allanach reviews the referral;
  • the patient is prioritized based on the information provided; and
  • Dr. Allanach’s office contacts each patient when an appointment has been scheduled.

There are important considerations to help determine a patient’s priority:

  • level of pain (i.e. requiring pain medications);
  • effect on performance of activities of daily living (ADL’s) such as work, sleep, mobility; and
  • complete and appropriate imaging, such as x-rays and/or MRI.

Please Note: If there is a change in the status of a patients health or diagnosis, this could affect their priority rating. Please ensure the patient’s referring physician contacts Dr. Allanach’s office with an update on their change in status.